About Us


Liza's Home is a care facility for children and women with mental and physical disabilities. The centre was started in the late 1980's in Bangalore, India by Dr. Molly Abraham in the name of her daughter Liza.

Liza was diagnosed with meningitis in her early infancy which left her brain-injured. She developed severe mental and physical disabilities. Dr Molly established the Home, with support from her husband (Late) Rev. Dr. K C Abraham and other well wishers. Thus, Liza became the ray of hope and God used her disability to give birth to this beautiful Home which serves many women who had once lost hope.

At present, there are around 24 women between the age of 16 years and 60 years, who live at the Home with varied level of mental and physical disabilities, and who come from challenging socio-economic backgrounds.

Liza's Home is a registered charitable trust dedicated towards sustaining community based care and upholding the rights of disabled women, and is supported by individual donors and independent well-wishers, including the Govt. of Karnataka.

Our members are from different parts of the country, speaking many different languages. Some even don't have any language, but all believe in God's language of LOVE.

Care and Rehabilitation The residents are actively engaged in keeping their quarters and the campus clean. Some of them help in assisting the kitchen staff. There are dogs, cats, goats, hens, ducks in the campus. Caring for them is a therapeutic experience for the members. We have physical exercises/yoga therapy and occupational therapy (gross/fine motor skills) for 5 days a week. Music therapy once a week is a very enjoyable experience. Games and dancing are added to music therapy. Volunteers visit Liza's Home once a week for grooming, music and dancing. Worship in the campus takes place two Sundays a month. Members actively participate in all the therapy sessions and other activities. The more abled persons help the less-abled and the wheel-chair bound. There is an atmosphere of joy, friendship. Visitors experience peace and healing.

Empower Members of Liza's Home assist in making pickles, jam, juices and masala powders. Knitting woolen garments, and making door-mats are done by two of our residents. Importantly, three of our more abled members help other members in personal hygiene, feeding and physical activities.

Community We conduct an annual free medical camp at Liza's Home, in association with SDA Medical Centre, Frazer Town. Members of Alamba, KRC, .... and the poor from the nearby villages are the beneficiaries of the camp. Doctors from Liza's Home visit 2 NGOs (Divya Shanti Christian Association & Medico Pastoral Association) twice a month for free clinics. An in-house training programme on health, hygiene and care of the disabled, is going on. Mentoring interns during MSW course, and B.D. students from UTC are also on-going programmes. With our beautiful garden, we ensure a healthy green environment around us - that also provides us with fruits / vegetables for our daily needs. We have also achieved 100% recycling of our water and kitchen waste.